There Are No Gods In North Korea

there are no gods in north korea


There Are No Gods in North Korea is a book of real life stories from the world’s most “hated” country – DPRK  or simply North Korea!

there are no gods in north korea

The book is about the authors visit to this country in the 2014, followed by stories from other parts of the world. The book talks about passion, gratitude and determination with a shocking simplicity that will change the way you perceive travel.

Interestingly, a few incidents mentioned in the book, pertaining especially to North Korea, has been mentioned in many international media including New York Post, Mashable, Sydney Herald,, among others.

Incidentally, the authors visit to one of the garment factories in Pyongsong where they manufactured sportswear for Rip Curl, a hugely popular Australian brand (and the pictures from the factory) is currently doing the rounds in world media.

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