About Me

I am a lawyer-turned-traveler-turned writer, but in my defense, I have never practiced law. Fortunately, a law degree did not stop me from going after my dreams that comprised solely of traveling around the world and writing about it.

Ever since I remember, I have dreamed of traveling – backpacking, trekking, hiking and climbing – generally being on the roads, out in the open – before finally merging my passion with the business of writing.

The result was satisfying.

My first book was commissioned by Lonely Planet (India, 2012), followed by Almost Intrepid (2013), UAE Country Guide (2014, UAE) and There Are No Gods in North Korea (2016).

(My forthcoming book Plentiful Springs is slated for a 2021 release).

Of all the countries I have been to, of all the experiences I have had, for all the people I have met on the roads, for every little act of kindness I have been shown,  for the not so pleasant incidents I have experienced as solo female traveler, I am thankful – for, had it not been for all of that, my travels would have felt exactly as home.


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