COVID: Grief and worry consume expats in the UAE

Covid crisis

Grim pictures fill the TV screen. From one news channel to the next I surf in hope. But the image is unchanged. People scrambling for oxygen cylinders, funeral pyres burning out of control, wailing children, families devastated by a virus and a situation out of control. It is the same story online and on social media. The world’s attention is fixed firmly on the state my country is in. From what I see and hear, the second wave blowing through India is far deadlier than the one that took away one of my parents in September last year.

The memory of that day still hurts. I am only thankful I could make it just in time to say goodbye to my father, although self-quarantine meant my participation in the burial was denied. Maybe that’s what hurts more. I can’t be sure.

Frustration and helplessness

Losing his mother during the Covid lockdown and having to witness the funeral on FB Live is the worst outcome of this pandemic for Dubai-based PR professional Royston Rodrigues…

Overcoming the guilt

For almost two years now, Saranya Rustagi, head of communications at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai, has been yearning to go home. But given the current situation, all she can do is watch with bated breath as the situation continues to worsen in India…

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