March 12, 2001

If I Go Away

By admin

If, far away I go
Into a world unknown
While you are still here
Remember, somewhere 
I will live on…

Though you may not see 
Nor hear me
I will always be
Where I can see you
Through a veil, touch you
I will feel your pain
More than you do..

When you whisper
I will hold you close
And listen to you
Breath means nothing
Though it parts you from me
In spirit I will always be around
To love you

At nights if you are lonely
I will pray for you
And wish someone would
Come to love you
As in your need I would…

If, am gone and leave you here 
Let your imaginations
Fill in all the blanks
Of what could have been
Till time intervened

From life, I have no desire
It gave me you
Even in death, I smile 
Wishing someday, somewhere
We would be together again
But, my love, if I could stay
I would, I swear.